Create natural and immersive experiences with our virtual hands. 


Get creative with premium hand motion capture from StretchSense As an engagement tool, hands have been relegated to
an unfortunate supporting act in character animation because creating great hands has been unfeasibly slow and expensive.

A new era in content engagement -storytelling with hands The StretchSense hand motion capture solution offers VFX teams the chance to
bring hands back totheir rightful place: the forefront of intense, emotional storytelling.

Superior stretch sensor technology that produces animator-ready data 
Using a fundamentally different sensor technology to other hand motion capture solutions, our gloves deliver highly repeatable, accurate measurements of hand and finger movement. The result is motion
data with smooth fcurves and no bluffs,spikes or loss of keyframes, making it easy for animators to work with. 

1.Highly accurate, repeatable measurements 
2.No occlusion or drift 
3.Animator-ready data 
Hand Engine       
Developed for a busy mocap stage, you can connect, configure and calibrate your gloves at speed and all from one place. The interface 
between StretchSense gloves and the animation software of your choice, you choose how you record data and how you retarget.  With Hand 
Engine, you’re in control.  
Optimize for your use-case
Whether you need to capture the fluid movement of  your performer, or to hit exact poses for scenes using props, Hand Engine can adapt to your requirements.

1.Multi-performer scenes  
Calibrate the gloves in under a minute to get going fast in multi-performer scenes with the ability to manage up to six performers at once.

2.Handling complex props
Our unique Pose Detection technology allows you to capture smooth continuous hand motion and hit reliable, stable prop poses in sync with your performer.

3.Set keyframes in Maya or MotionBuilder
Faster and more flexible than a pose library, animators can set keyframes on a character’s hand without having to adjust every bone. Sometimes referred to as Deskcap, capture keyframes while working from home.  

4.Pose library population
Create your pose library in Hand Engine and use Pose Detection technology to output those poses in sync with the performer’s body motion, drastically reducing post-production time.

5.Backup to on-glove microSD
With a microSD card slot included with the glove, your raw data is always backed up so you always have a plan B.
Animator-ready data straight off the glove
Our sensor technology streams high fidelity hand motion data in smooth FCurves straight out of the glove with no dropped keyframes.

Cut your post-production time in half Because stretch sensors are highly accurate and don’t suffer from occlusion or drift,substantially less clean-up is required compared
with other solutions. Mocap teams can be confident of producing highly usable hand data to pass to animation.

FCurves tell the story best    
every pipeline is different,so we let you do things your way. Choose from a range of integration options

Robust workflows
StretchSense MoCap Pro glove: 
SuperSplay model Designed for action on the mocap stage, or motion capture at your desk, with high fidelity data that requires minimal clean up.

Training & support 
We want you to get the same mocap results we do, so we provide dedicated support account managers whose sole focus is on helping you be successful with our solution.   

Our Knowledge Base if full of easy to understand documentation on best practice workflows, as well as helpful videos and how-to guides.